Seasons end for lacrosse teams

The Emerson men’s and women’s lacrosse teams can now hit the books harder than the field. Both team’s seasons came to a close on April 22 at Thomas College in Maine. Although each squad had the goal to reach the playoffs, neither were able to get to that next step.

The men ended the season with a loss, to finish 5-7 (3-4 North Atlantic Conference).

The women were able to pull out a win, bringing their overall record to .500 at 6-6 (3-4 New England Women’s Lacrosse Alliance).

Senior Keri Angus talked about her time on the team.

“It’s been an honor to put on this uniform,” Angus said. “That’s going to be the hardest thing. It’s hard for Emerson students to understand that because they don’t necessarily understand what it means on the sports level. They understand it doing a production. They understand it by putting a movie together, writing a screenplay. They understand the amount of work and the pride that you have in that work.that’s the feeling athletes get when they put that uniform on.Appreciate it while you still have it.”

First-year Head Coach Mike Blanchard said he didn’t reach the goals he’d wanted to, but he still believes he was able to provide a sound foundation to what could become a high rise of lacrosse at Emerson.

“There’s enough positive to build on to keep myself and my staff energized for the future,” he said. “And, frankly, there’s enough negative to use as motivation to try to achieve better.”

Blanchard is excited to see what next year will bring and is happy to know that the students, faculty and administration are all behind him.

“The support from the fellow coaches, from the administration, the people in the athletic department, has really been great,” he said. “There’s definitely a team attitude at Emerson that makes work fun.”