Senior Associate Vice President of Human Resources to leave Emerson for Fenway Health


Senior Associate Vice President of Human Resources Shari Stier will leave Emerson to take a position at Fenway Health. (photo courtesy of Fenway Health)

By Vivi Smilgius

Emerson Senior Associate Vice President of Human Resources announced she will leave the college on Mar. 4 to start a new position in the Boston area.

Shari Stier will serve as Chief People Officer at Fenway Health—a healthcare center which delivers accessible care and services to marginalized groups including the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities. As Chief People Officer, Stier will manage Fenway Health’s organizational policies and incorporate intersectionality to said policies, according to an article by Fenway Health announcing her arrival.

Before coming to Emerson in 2017, Stier worked in Human Resources at several companies including Pathfinder International and Pact. At Emerson Stier worked with administrators to develop the college’s COVID-19 protocol and manage the “Emerson bubble.” In Human Resources, she worked to remove racial, gender, age and religious bias both in hiring and among faculty and staff.

“I leave you all in terrific and capable hands with the Human Resources team,” she wrote in an email to The Beacon. “They are an outstanding and talented team with ambitious goals for 2022.”

Stier’s decision to leave puts her among many faculty and staff who left the college since the departure of the college’s former President M. Lee Pelton. Stier’s replacement has not yet been announced.