SGA addresses diversity and course offerings for academic initiative

The Student Government Association revised the 2015-2016 academic initiative to include increased diversity in curriculum, and broader course offerings at last Thursday’s meeting.

It included a proposal to make communication sciences and disorders courses available at Kasteel Well, as there are currently no math, social, or behavioral science classes offered there.

For marketing communication, there was a request for an increase of diversity in classrooms. According to the initiative, students have been pushing towards a more multicultural curriculum to better prepare for industry trends. 

Students in the journalism department called for more pupils be able to take visual and media arts classes, and writing, literature, and publishing classes. They also called for required cultural competency class for all during their first year at Emerson, and for more entertainment journalism options at Emerson Los Angeles, as there is currently only one related course offered at the campus.

SGA Executive President Emily Solomon suggested a partnership between ArtsEmerson and professors to cover a certain percentage of ticket costs for performing arts students.

For political communications, students requested that information regarding trips and eligibility to participate be widely disseminated. Some said that the department often shares travel opportunities with a select group. 

“Iowa would have been an amazing trip if I knew it would be coming and could have prepared financially for it,” Anne Makielski, class of 2018 president and a sophomore political communication major, said.

SGA held a closed session on Tuesday, April 12, to review their recommendations for the Financial Advisory Board.


News editor Laura King, who lives with Makielski, did not edit this article.