SGA appoints new leadership positions

Two students who applied for appointed positions in Emerson’s Student Government Association were approved on Feb. 12. 

Jake Hines, a visual and media arts major, was appointed to on-campus commissioner. 

Hines is a second semester senior and is a resident assistant. He has lived on campus all four years and said he therefore feels qualified for the position. Hines said he has always wanted to participate in SGA, but this is the first time it lined up with his schedule. 

“I originally applied as the athletics commissioner, but on-campus is more of a pressing issue as far as filling that void,” Hines said. 

Hines said he was interested in improving the room selection process at Emerson College and creating a greater sense of community in the Colonial Building for first-year students.  He said he also wanted to contribute to the process of the new residence halls being built and the renovations in Little Building. 

“I’m interested in making sure those new things are built and Little Building is adapted to be the most useful that it can possibly be,” Hines said. 

The motion to appoint Hines passed unanimously. 

Freshman political communication major Annie Makielski was appointed as executive secretary of SGA, as well. 

Makielski said she wanted to become more involved with SGA but wasn’t sure how.

“I’m very excited that a position that came up that I was qualified for,” Makielski said. “I want to be more involved in the school and help in any way I can.” 

Makielski was also appointed unanimously.