SGA approves appeal, sets dates for elections


Photo: Evan Walsh

The Student Government Association allocated $3,161 to Your Magazine, Emerson’s monthly lifestyle magazine, during its Feb. 18 meeting. The money will go to printing costs for the May issue of the magazine, which will total $5,954, according to the appeal packet. The rest of the costs will be provided by the organization

According to Matt Mullen, managing editor and treasurer of Your Magazine, the magazine publishes online every month and has one 60-page print issue per semester, in December and May. The sophomore journalism major said the organization prints 400 copies each semester.  

“We literally don’t have any extra copies,” Mullen said. “They fly off the newsstands.”

Since May 2012, Your Magazine has printed four issues, and its budget from SGA covered printing costs for the December issue.

Your Magazine asked for enough funds to print both semester’s issues in its Financial Advisory Board packet at the end of last year, according to Mullen. However, he said the organization received only half of the funds it requested.  

Your Magazine will also be switching from printing with Excel Graphix, which it had used in the past, to Shawmut Printing. According to price quotes in the appeal packet, the cost of printing 400 copies with Excel Graphix is $3,494, while Shawmut costs $5,954. While it will cost $2,460 more, Mullen said the price difference is worth it.

“We want to switch to Shawmut because Shawmut historically has much better quality,” he said.

Mullen also said that other on-campus magazines, such as em Magazine and Atlas Magazine, print using Shawmut because of the higher quality of its services. 

The appeal passed with a majority vote of over nine votes.

There is $64,731.61 left in the appeals budget.

The timeline for the Student Government Association’s spring general elections was approved at the meeting.

Election packets will be available on Monday, March 10 and are due back to the Office of Student Life with 50 signatures on March 17. The packet is required to run for office.

Eligibility will be determined within the following two days and campaigning can begin on March 19. Speech night is tentatively scheduled for March 25.

Polls will be open from April 2 to 3, and candidates will be notified on April 4. 

All positions are open for those interested in running. Those elected will assume office during the 2014-2015 school year.