SGA approves film gear grant

Students in Emerson’s chapter of the National Broadcasting Society(NBS) will buy a new camera after the Student Government Association approved an appeal for funds last Tuesday. SGA also addressed the somber post-election mood around campus.

NBS is a film organization that hosts workshops. Nicholas Novak, chapter president and visual and media arts major, said the organization’s old camera was outdated.

“In order to stay up to date with student productions, we would require a new camera just so all the incoming people can learn the new equipment, and learn what is becoming the new industry standard,” Novak said.

SGA granted the organization $6,270.48 to purchase their new camera kit. There is $152,920.36 remaining in the SGA appeals budget.

SGA members also brought up concerns they have heard regarding the election, and discussed how they as student government may be able to help.

“I did not want it to be said that we put our heads down and just went on business as usual,” Emily Solomon, SGA executive president said. “I knew coming into this meeting that I could not let that happen. We have a lot—a lot—to go through.”

Members proposed ideas that could help the students. Gabriela Kula, SGA executive vice president, said that she thinks it would be helpful to do a community outreach event.

“I think if we can do something good together as student government and student body, that would be awesome,” Kula said.

Sofia Alvarado Mendoza, SGA international student commissioner, talked about how the election results might affect the incoming international students.

“I think that every high school student looking at their future wants to do whatever is best in the long run,” Mendoza said. “I think there is a lot of uncertainty with completing your education in a country where you don’t know if you’re going to have the opportunity to get a job.”