SGA cracks down on Wi-Fi issues

Two employees from Emerson Information Technology appeared to address several issues at the Student Government Association joint session this Tuesday.

Bret Kulakovich, director of user services and Michael Labrecque-Jessen, manager of user services, addressed current updates to the WiFi system, as routers are no longer sufficient. IT also explained that they are currently undergoing construction for wireless access points in the residence halls for a more efficient internet connection.

“If you do have wireless problems, all we ask is that you tell us,” Kulakovich said.

The Musical Theatre Society made an appeal for funds for Emerson Fights AIDS, its annual philanthropic event, and was granted $6,665.

“I don’t see many things on campus addressing this issue, which is something we need to focus more on,” Performing Arts Senator Trent Brunngraber said.

The position of International Student Commissioner was added to the SGA constitution. Sofia Alvarado, who was Executive Assistant last year, spoke in favor of the position.

“We [international students] just found it very overwhelming to not have someone to turn to,” Alvarado said.

She spoke about misinformation international students received before coming to Emerson, including whether or not they would be able to get working visas and lack of opportunity after graduation.

SGA unanimously voted to include the position and the corresponding language in their constitution.

“I’m very, very excited that this is part of the constitution,” SGA President Emily Solomon said.