SGA denies Rareworks funding

The Student Government Association denied an appeal to theater organization Rareworks on April 28, the first failed appeal during President Scott Fisher’s two-year term.

“This is the first time we’ve appealed in the history of Rareworks,” said Rareworks treasurer Nick Murphy. “And this was the last SGA meeting, so we can’t appeal [again.]”

Rareworks treasurer Nick Murphy presented the appeal to SGA and asked the organization for $2,250 for expenditures from one of their final shows of the semester. The production had already occurred and had been partially funded out of the members’ own wallets, and the appeal asked for reimbursements for these students. The appeal presented to SGA stated that Rareworks initially received $12,500 from the SGA and the organization had spent $11,606.07 so far during the school year.

The money asked for in the appeal, $2,250, would be reimbursement for renting a space, lights, programs, and posters.

At the beginning of the meeting, SGA Vice President Maude Okrah amended the motion of the government to give Rareworks $1,130 rather than the $2,250 they’d originally requested. When SGA voted on the amended motion, it failed, with only two members in favor of giving Rareworks the money.

Another amendment, which would have given Rareworks only $1,620, also failed. When the final vote for the appeal came, it failed with eight votes against and five votes for giving Rareworks the funds.

Murphy thought SGA may have been concerned over Rareworks purchasing an off-campus space for the performance.

“Just because of the lack of the on-campus space, we were forced to go off-campus,” he said. “It was difficult because people thought $600 was expensive for off-campus space, but that’s not the case.”