SGA discusses campus climate review

Emerson’s director of intercultural affairs introduced a plan to the Student Government Association to bring students of different cultural backgrounds together to better assess the college’s campus culture next semester.

Tamia Jordan said the department is planning to recruit students to review the college’s climate survey, a questionnaire designed in 2014 to assess diversity, faculty and administration participation, and sexual assault awareness and prevention at the college.

The previous campus survey found that students who identified as black reported having less of a sense of belonging. The survey also showed that upperclassmen felt less satisfied with the sexual harassment and assault prevention training that Emerson provided.

Jordan said she is forming focus groups because many people from diverse backgrounds had “interesting commentary” in response to some of the open-ended questions in the survey.

These focus groups will be asked a series of questions from the previous climate survey, and their responses could potentially change future climate surveys, Jordan said. There will be another campus climate survey next year.  

SGA also met with Carol Parker, assistant vice president for faculty affairs, to discuss faculty training. Parker said nearly all of the full-time faculty participated in a cultural competency workshop last semester, which will continue into this semester.

SGA reviewed the upcoming student government election. Applications for SGA elected positions will be open Feb. 17.