SGA discusses Colonial task force

The Board of Trustees ad hoc Task Force that will decide the new purpose of Emerson’s Colonial Theatre was discussed extensively during Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting.

Sean Mack, senator for marketing communication, brought up Emerson’s financial status when discussing the future of the theater.

“Emerson is running out of money,” Mack, a senior, said. “We’re going into debt. It’s a thing. What we need to do is not close ourselves off to possibilities.”

Executive Treasurer John Daniel Depa said that the Colonial’s lack of revenue would be a main point of concern.

“This comes back to budget again, with loss of revenue,” Depa said.

Sheba Wood, multicultural commissioner, spoke in defense of preserving the theater for its historical value.

“No matter what, there has to be theater in that space,” Wood said. “It is a theater. That was what it was built for, and for me a theater is a very sacred space.”

International Student Commissioner Sofia Alvarado spoke next about an email sent to international students last week. She said that she and others found the email, which discussed additional English language help for international students, offensive—specifically the statement, “You will improve your English ability, which is what you really need.”

The Office of International Student Affairs was made aware of student complaints, and sent out an apology email.

Conor Judge, a senior communication studies major, was appointed to the position of athletics commissioner. Gabriela Kula, executive vice president and former athletics commissioner, spoke in favor of Judge.

“I think he would do a great job as someone who athletes feel comfortable going to, but also as someone who could approach other students who aren’t as involved in athletics,” Kula said.

Judge, a member of the men’s lacrosse team, was voted in unanimously.