SGA discusses noise issue during construction

At the Student Government Association meeting on Tuesday, Emerson administrators said upcoming construction projects will try to avoid noisy work at early hours.

However, when the projects begin this/next month, workers will start as early as 7 a.m., according to Jay Phillips, associate vice president of facilities and campus services. They will finish the day at 6 p.m.

The construction of a new dorm at 1-3 Boylston Place is projected to be completed by August 2017, but will hopefully be done by July of that year, according to Phillips.

As part of the Little Building renovation, Phillips said Emerson plans to remove some elevators, but make the remaining ones more accessible to students with disabilities by including ID card readers inside the elevators.

Maureen Murphy, vice president of administration and finance, said tuition, plus room and board, will increase due to the construction by 4.4 percent to about $54,000 per year. For incoming students, the total cost—tuition plus room and board—will be $56,000 per year.

According to Murphy, the expected revenue with the raised tuition for the upcoming year is $176.1 million, which is what the college says is what it needs to pay for the cost of staff and faculty, and the continued construction.

Murphy said that tuition will continue to rise until administrators find another way to finance the two projects.