SGA discusses student success

Robert Amelio, director of diversity education and human relations, and Chris Daly, director of retention and student success, announced at Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting that they would be conducting research to find the student body’s definitions of success at the college.

Amelio said that the research—which will consist of focus groups and surveys they are still in the process of planning—will benefit both the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of Student Success. Amelio and Daly asked SGA for their advice on their plans for the results.

“While we are constantly talking about diversity and inclusion—or about access and success—we haven’t fully defined what that means,” said Amelio. “Are we doing the right things to help us all be successful, either in our academic work, or in working here?”

Artful Comics, a student-run comic anthology, also made an appeal for $3,643. Mike Huffam, president of the organization and a senior writing, literature, and publishing major, said the magazine is currently in the process of transitioning to glossier paper to appear more professional.

This transition will require $4,900, but the organization only had $1,300 left in their budget.

John Depa, SGA executive treasurer, said Artful Comics could not have been prepared for the increase in cost because they couldn’t communicate with their printer until last week.

“Because of this, I don’t believe this organization should be prevented from publishing this semester,” Depa said.

The appeal was granted unanimously. There is $72,696.60 left in the budget.