SGA election outcome to be announced Friday

James Rowland, election chair of the Student Government Association, said he plans to announce the results of the SGA elections in several stages, starting on Friday, March 27.

On Friday, Rowland said he will release the results for candidates who appeared on the ballot. The final results for all races will be released by Tuesday, March 31.

According to SGA bylaws governing election procedures, two of the following officials must be present when the voting results are accessed: the dean of students, Ronald Ludman; the associate dean of students, Sharon Duffy; the elections chair, Rowland; and the chief justice, Shekinah Beepat.

The ballots will be counted on Friday morning, according to Rowland.

Because the polls are online, votes for balloted candidates are counted electronically, but votes for write-in candidates must be counted manually, according to Rowland.

He said he intends to email all the candidates letting them know whether or not they won. Rowland said he has until March 28 to report the final results for the balloted candidates, giving candidates the opportunity to contest the initial results.

Write-in candidates who won their races can decide whether they want the position, and they have until 10 a.m. on March 30 to complete election packets.