SGA funds ASIA cultural month

Asian Students for Intercultural Awareness received funding this Tuesday for its annual cultural month, which will highlight diverse stories of Asians and Asian-Americans. The theme for the month is storytellers, and the organization will invite guest speaker Kelvin Yu, a writer and producer on Bob’s Burgers.

The Financial Advisory Board met with ASIA and unanimously recommended funding the cultural organizations events. John Depa, SGA executive treasurer, informed SGA members of the appeal and they voted to grant them $8,029.75.

The Student Government Association also granted $4,860.45 to Your Magazine to redesign its website and change the type of paper for its spring print issue.

SGA members also said they were shocked and disappointed when an email from White Genocide Project appeared in their email inbox last week.

Members also discussed their role on social media as SGA representatives after a social media controversy.

“If [Executive President Emily Solomon] comments just as Emily, people will see her as SGA president even if it’s not an official statement, and that goes for all of us too,” said Gabriela Kula, SGA executive vice president.

SGA On-Campus Commissioner Dylan Walton said members should take into consideration their leadership positions but shouldn’t stop commenting on social media because of it.

“We are all individual students who are being affected by a lot of the things that are happening,” Walton said. “It’s okay if you have to express yourself if it is important to you. We are all elected for our positions because we are who we are, and we shouldn’t try to leave that at the door when we are addressing these issues … I don’t think we need to wait for SGA as a whole to release a statement, you do it yourself, no matter what position you have.”