SGA funds EVVY Awards, Flawless Brown

The EVVY Awards received extra funding from the Student Government Association for its 36th Annual show.

The $25,618.81 grant was announced at last week’s meeting and will fund many parts of the show, including an LED screen and VDA, a scene production company.

The show will have VDA design the set this year instead of students because the current students are not prepared enough to build it.

The projector is being replaced to make the event as similar to an outside professional experience as possible, Jonathan Wyand, logistics executive producer, said.

“The ability to work with something like that, which is now an industry standard, gives people a leg up,” Wyand said.

On Tuesday, SGA granted an appeal for funds to Flawless Brown.

Flawless Brown, an artistic collective for women of color, received $3,810.84 to pay for the rented spaces on campus to host its upcoming outreach events this semester, including an open mic night, a self-care and crafts fair, and a performance in the Semel Theater.

“We really want to help foster socially conscious art,” Flawless Brown President Lissa Deonarain said.

Deonarain said the organization has received support from the Emerson community in the past and is co-sponsored by President M. Lee Pelton and Tamia Jordan, director of intercultural student affairs.

Flawless Brown does not receive an annual budget from the SGA because it is not open to all students.

SGA vice president Gabriela Kula spoke in favor of Flawless Brown receiving their requested funds.

“I think this organization is just really incredible,” Kula, said. ”They completely deserve every single cent of this appeal in my opinion. They’ve been doing really amazing work.”