SGA funds Freakin’ Beakin print issue

One of Emerson’s satirical news organizations, Hyena Comedy, will print an issue of the Freakin’ Beakin for the first time since 2014, thanks to almost $250 in Student Government Association funding.

Andrew Gannon, president of Hyena Comedy and junior visual and media arts major, said the organization has solely been focused on digital media for three semesters. But Gannon said printing a physical copy of its content will increase awareness about and reestablish the Freakin’ Beakin.

“Part of it is that we want more members,” Gannon said. “We have great people working on it now, but we think the process can be sped up if we had more.”

Gannon said 500 copies of the Freakin’ Beakin will be available this spring. Hyena Comedy will use also use the newspapers as a physical representation of Hyena Comedy for the organization fair to recruit new members.

$152,675.16 remains in the SGA appeals budget.