SGA grants Acappellics Anonymous and Atlas Magazine appeal money

Acappellics Anonymous and Atlas Magazine appealed for funds from the Student Government Association, and were both unanimously approved for the full amounts.

Connor McKay, treasurer of Acappellics Anonymous and class of 2016 president, appealed for $148.82 for the organization’s final performance. He said during the appeal that the event’s venue, the Semel Theater, charged more for the performance space than last year, which was the price the group asked for in its annual SGA-furnished budget. The anticipated charge was $567.34, but it came out to $716.16.

Included in the appeal packet were emails between Ari Conte, the Acappellics Anonymous president and senior performing arts major, and Zak Fayssoux from Emerson’s Office of the Arts, which oversees the Semel. When Conte asked why the estimate was higher this year, Fayssoux said the organization wasn’t billed for a house manager by mistake last year.

During the appeal, Navidra Hardin, the class of 2016 senator, noted that Acappellics Anonymous won Organization of the Year at the Emerson Recognition and Achievement Awards this year.

McKay, a sophomore political communication major, abstained from voting when his name was called.

Atlas Magazine appealed for $2,596 to print its spring issue. The total cost of printing will be $3,459, and the organization raised $863 through an Indiegogo campaign, according to the appeal packet.

According to Celina Colby, the editor-in-chief of Atlas, members only spend money on printing. The senior writing, literature, and publishing major said the organization hadn’t asked for money to print the spring issue in their annual SGA budget because they had been using a cheaper, but not Emerson-approved, vendor to print. In previous years, members raised all of the money needed to publish.

It costs $3,260 to print 500 copies of the fall issue with the old printer, but will cost $3,459 to print 250 copies of the spring issue with The Journeyman Press, according to the appeal packet. Though most organizations must use vendors approved by the school, Atlas was exempt until it became SGA-recognized last spring.

Julianna Buck, the marketing communication senator, spoke in favor of the appeal.

“I’m really impressed with the progress they’ve made, and, as SGA, we should continue to foster their growth,” said the junior marketing communication major

The total left in the SGA appeals budget is $15,815.18.