SGA grants appeals for EVVYs, ASIA

The Student Government Association granted appeals on Tuesday for both the EVVY Awards and Asian Students for Intercultural Awareness, or ASIA.

The EVVY Awards appealed for $32,385 to go toward many facets of the show including technical and logistical aspects, and its awards gala, according to Kristen McLaughlin, the logistics executive producer.

“Overall, we will be allocating the money we are appealing for to various departments to help the 35th Annual EVVY Awards look as best as it can,” the senior visual and media arts major said.

Mona Moriya, ASIA’s president, appealed for $4,150 to bring poet and performer Sarah Kay to speak at the college. Moriya said Kay would conclude the organization’s “We Are Here” month, which will highlight issues unique to the Asian American community. Kay is the ­founder of Project VOICE, an organization dedicated to promoting empowerment and literacy through spoken word.

“With her philanthropic work and inspiring voice, Kay would be a perfect keynote speaker to have during our month,” Moriya, a junior performing arts major, said. “We are delighted to be co-­sponsoring with departments and student organizations, to celebrate a wonderful month dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion here at Emerson College.”

Both the EVVY Awards and ASIA received the full amount of their requests. There is $81,814.84 remaining in the SGA appeals budget.