SGA grants Atlas appeal

The Student Government Association granted Atlas Magazine $2,347 for the production of its publication during Tuesday’s meeting. 

Caroline Cassard, president and editor-in-chief of Atlas Magazine, presented a request for $4,864 for the full year to the council. According to the appeals packet, the student organization originally asked for $8,000 for the 2014-2015 school year but was only granted $3,240 due to a lack of detail in its request for funding

The amount appealed for would cover printing costs for the fall and spring issues of the magazine, as well as food and advertising charges, according to the packet. 

After much deliberation, the council decided that it would grant an additional $2,347 to the group just for this semester’s budget. According to Vice President Kassandra King, SGA could not grant all of the funds to Atlas Magazine because it may set a precedent. 

“The reality is that we never approve allocations for a semester that hasn’t happened yet,” said the senior political communication major. “In order to do that for a print magazine, we would have to be presented with a full plan. It’s not an issue with the magazine, it’s an issue with consistency on our part.”