SGA grants EBONI funds to host Black History Month

Members of Emerson’s Black Organization with Natural Interests appealed for and received $9,029.45 at Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting.

EBONI is planning on hosting five black solidarity events over a week in February, which is black history month.

EBONI is inviting Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi—the three black queer women who founded the Black Lives Matter movement—to lead a discussion on black solidarity with a panel of black professors at Emerson. The group is also hosting a self-care and self-love event with Amissa Miller, an assistant professor in the performing arts department, a showcase of art from black students from Emerson and the Boston area, and a fashion show.

Rebekah Brinkerhoff, class of 2016 president, spoke in favor of EBONI at the meeting.

“I think this week is incredibly important,” she said, “especially with everything that’s been going on on campus and on a national spectrum.”

There is now $174,584.38 remaining in the SGA budget.

After EBONI’s appeal, Executive President Emily Solomon announced that she spoke to Vice President of Enrollment Management Ruthanne Madsen about the possibility of student union. Solomon said that many issues concerning a tuition freeze were addressed, including a salary cut for many faculty members, and that affordability is a main concern. She said they are currently discussing the possibility of an SGA-sponsored scholarship for leadership.