SGA grants publisher’s appeal

The Undergraduate Students for Publishing appealed for $825.74 at the Student Government Association joint session meeting Tuesday, but because of ambiguous wording in the appeals packet, they will not receive any money until they have completed fundraising.

Brittany Perro, class of 2011 president, questioned whether SGA could allocate the full amount because the organization has yet to raise funds. The SGA requires groups to independently raise 10 percent of their budgets before appealing to the joint session. However, Vice Treasurer Corey Starbuck said this has not yet been made clear in the appeal packets, and he did not have time to review it with the Undergraduate Students for Publishing before the appeal.

Vice President Tau Zaman said he blamed the SGA for the unclear wording in the appeal packet’s fundraising clause and supported granting the money.

“I think we should still pass because this whole time we led them to believe that they were going to have a successful appeal,” the sophomore political communications major said. “This is something that SGA should handle on their own time, and not make another organization suffer for it.”

Ethan Silverstein, class of 2012 senator, highlighted that em Magazine appealled last semester where the SGA allocated $10,000 to the magazine when it had not raised any money.

“It was brought up that the fundraising was questionable because it hasn’t happened yet. In the em Mag appeal there was questionable fundraising, and we allocated twice this amount for them to fix typos,” Silverstein said.

Marisa LaFleur, president of the publishing group, said they plan on fundraising $100 through a series of “genre day” events in the coming months. At these events, the club will choose a popular book genre to promote and charge students a small fee to attend. For example, she said, they plan to host a romance themed event in February.

Starbuck, who is taking over the duties of treasurer until a replacement is nominated, suggested that the funds be held until the undergraduate students for publishing raise the $100. Zaman made a motion on Starbuck’s recommendation and all SGA members voted yes to allocating $825.74 once they present their fundraising efforts.