SGA hears two appeals

The Office of Academic Affairs met with members of the Student Government Association to get feedback on course evaluations for the end of this semester.

According to Academic Affairs, there was a 97 percent response rate to the student course evaluation for Fall 2014, compared to 78 percent in the previous semester. 

Academic Affairs made some changes to last semester’s evaluation and were looking to get feedback from SGA on the update. According to Academic Affairs, the evaluation was split into three sections—course design, the instructor’s teaching, and reflection on individual learning.

SGA suggested adding more open-ended questions to give students further opportunities to elaborate on their feedback. They also suggested that mid-semester evaluations be mandatory or at least encouraged, as it would allow for concrete change in their own time taking the class. While mid-semester evaluations are currently available, they are optional and most professors opt not to use them.

In their regular session, SGA heard appeals from the Emerson Recognition and Achievement Awards, or ERA, and Emerson Poetry Project. ERA appealed for $20,575 for their annual award ceremony and banquet dinner. This year, the event was free for students for the first time. In their appeal, ERA said they wanted to fund the audio and video equipment in order to effectively run the show.