SGA holds special elections


In a Student Government Association special election last Wednesday, positions for the class of 2015 treasurer and senator, class of 2013 vice president, class of 2014 treasurer, and performing arts senator were filled. 

According to Elections Commissioner Kassandra King, all of the candidates ran as write-ins with the exception of Eliza Solomon, who ran for performing arts senator uncontested. 

Laurel Heenan was elected as the class of 2015 treasurer; Mari Watson became the class of 2013 vice president; Najah Muhammad was chosen as the class of 2014 treasurer; and Allison Singer was elected as the class of 2015 senator.

There are six commissioner positions still vacant. They are filled through an appointment by SGA President Tau Zaman.

 According to King positions for the class of 2016 board will be filled in the December elections.