SGA offers revisions for diversity perspective classes

The Student Government Association discussed proposed revisions for both the United States and global diversity perspective classes on Tuesday. 

The college is looking at these perspectives in response to student and faculty requests for an increase in cultural competency in all Emerson curricula, according to a document provided to SGA by Amy Ansell, dean of liberal arts.

“A lot of the value of the interdisciplinary courses in general is that the professors actively strive to make it relevant to us Emerson students,” SGA Executive President Emily Solomon said. 

New courses within the United States diversity perspective would aim to foster an understanding of the connections between diversity and economic, social, and political power. The document also said it would go in-depth on relevant topics like inequality in the United States, and contributions made by underrepresented groups within the country.

The new goals of global diversity would encourage students to be informed and engaged world citizens, according to the document. The course would also examine power relationships and disparities through the multiple perspectives and experiences of diverse cultures and societies.   

Members of SGA provided comments within the Google Doc, most of which were language related. Executive Treasurer John Depa asked in a comment on the document whether students will be on the ad hoc committee to provide perspective. 

In the coming months, the faculty assembly’s ad hoc cultural competency task force will review the proposed revisions. If passed, the new goals will then be implemented into the curriculums of the two perspectives.