SGA passes spring elections timeline, appoints new member, approves fifth appeal


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A Student Government Association meeting in spring 2020.

By Frankie Rowley

The Student Government Association approved its spring elections timeline in the Student Assembly on Friday, finalizing procedures for the elections which will see every position in SGA open.

An intent form for the elections will be made public via EmConnect on March 15, where potential candidates can declare their intent to run. The campaign process will begin on April 12 and last for two weeks. During this time, candidates will be participating in takeovers of SGA’s Instagram from April 19 to 23. Polls will open on April 27 at 7:00 am and close on April 29 respectively. 

SGA also approved an appeal for $14,333 from The Berkeley Beacon to purchase new computers for its 172 Tremont office. 

“I want to thank the Student Government Association for supporting The Beacon’s efforts in overhauling our newsroom infrastructure,” Dylan Rossiter, The Beacon’s operations managing editor, said. “At Emerson, our student organizations provide critical training grounds for young adults to gain experiences that will lay a foundation for successful, industry-evolving careers. Ensuring students have access to cutting-edge technology is of paramount importance in fostering our ability to offer equitable opportunities to all.” 

The appeal was the fifth appeal approved by the organization this semester, leaving $194,534.13 in the organization’s appeals account. 

SGA also filled a vacancy within the Student Experience Senate during the meeting. Chenyue Yang, a first-year media studies major studying at the Paris College of Art as a part of Emerson’s global partnership program, was appointed to the position of International Student Senator. 

“I want to get this position and speak up for our international students,” Yang said during the meeting. “Sometimes it’s hard for our international students to speak for our issues, and know other problems very well. And I think I’m gonna like them, my focus is gonna be [on the] problem[s] for our international students because now I am [living] in Paris, which is pretty new for me. [So]I know, it’s hard [to] live abroad [and] outside of our own country. 

SGA also met with Associate Dean and Director of Counseling, Health, and Wellness Brandin Dear who told the organization he was excited to oversee the merger of the Center for Health and Wellness and Emerson Counselling and Psychological Services. 

“I’m really tasked with coming in kind of assessing where CHW is, where ECAPS is, in really integrating the services and so having them collaborate a lot more than they do,” Dear said. “I’m super excited to come to Emerson [at] this particular moment and really be able to combine these services in a way that will hopefully make your experience as students just better and more seamless.”