SGA president to appoint class of 2011 senator as new elections commissioner

Student Government Association President Cami Bravo will appoint class of 2011 Senator Morgan St. John to the elections commissioner position at today’s joint session meeting.

Former elections commissioner Nancy Kwan left the seat because she is studying abroad at Kasteel Well, Netherlands. Bravo said she received three applications, but St. John ultimately had the best availability and knows the most about the elections process.

“I am confident in Morgan because she has been through several campaigns and can instruct candidates on the process and make it easier,” Bravo said.

After Bravo appoints St. John at today’s meeting, the joint session will vote on whether or not to accept the appointment. If they vote no, Bravo said she will present another candidate. Bravo said there is nothing constitutionally wrong with having St. John hold both the class of 2011 senator seat as well as the elections commissioner position.

St. John said she has been through the elections process six times. If the appointment by Bravo passes, St. John hopes to improve the elections process by increasing marketing strategies.

“I’d like to get the word out there, to make sure there’s more active participation in the elections,” the senior political communication major said. “I want to use all our resources, advertise through social media, the Beacon, the Emerson Channel, and through department chairs.”

Doug Paul Case, Beacon staff, contributed reporting.