SGA recognizes new orgs

Ten organizations became recognized by the Student Government Association last Thursday after being reviewed by the Organization Recognition and Review Board.

Achoired Taste, one of the newly recognized groups, is an a capella group composed of 24 members.

Alicia Carroll, a senior visual and media arts major and member of the group, said Achoired Taste decided to apply to for recognition in 2014.

Jennifer Currier, president of Achoired Taste and a junior journalism major, said the application process required the compilation of extensive information about the group, as well as answering short-answer questions and creating a constitution for the organization.

“For Achoired Taste, this process was so meaningful to prove how far we’ve grown as an organization in the two and a half years since our founding,” said Currier. “We now feel that we’ve made a name for ourselves here, and since we did that in such a short amount of time, we’re so proud.”

Active Minds at Emerson College; Anime at Emerson; Emerson Professional Shots, Stunts, and Safety; Emerson College Esports; Generation Citizen; Lash Magazine; National Association for Hispanic Journalists; Police Geese; and Emerson’s Understanding National Immigration Through Education were also recognized as organizations.

ORRB is a committee made up of eight students from SGA and Ronald Ludman, associate dean of students. This board evaluates organizations on campus that have recently been proposed, as well as ensuring that current organizations are “meeting the goals set forth in their constitutions,” according to the committee’s application packet.

The ten-page packets, which were due on Oct. 31, were reviewed by the committee for three months before the organizations were recognized.