SGA selects Board of Trustees representative

The Student Government Association moved Tuesday to appoint new commissioners in various divisions of student life and the SGA representative to the Board of Trustees. 

Three members of SGA, sophomore Christopher Henderson-West, class of 2020 president; sophomore Raz Moayed, visual and media arts senator; and junior Allison MacLean, chief justice, all entered themselves into the running for the board of trustees representative.

Moayed won the position with 13 out of 21 possible votes. 

Moayed will have the responsibility of speaking on behalf of the entire student body’s interests to the board. As the board of trustees representative, she is set to attend two meetings on the Boston campus and one at the Emerson Los Angeles campus in March. There, she is expected to speak about relevant and important issues and report back to SGA. 

In her speech to SGA, Moayed explained that the representative needs to be someone who isn’t afraid of the board and who is an advocate or a revolutionary. 

“I think Emerson has the potential to be an amazing school that is nationally known,” said Moayed. “[The board of trustees] has put so much effort into Emerson, yet where are we?”

SGA also moved to appoint commissioners in various areas of student life. Each candidate submitted an application to SGA and had a chance to explain why they believe they were best fit for the position. After, the joint session members were allowed to ask questions, speak in favor of a candidate, or move to appoint the candidate right away. To be awarded appointment, a roll call vote has to be put in motion requiring two-thirds approval.  

Candidates included: Ann Zhang for spiritual life commissioner, Chala Tshitundu for intercultural commissioner, Emily Schnider for accessibilities commissioner, Lily Scher for on-campus commissioner, Tatiana Melendez for LGBTQIA+ commissioner, and Yvonne Xiao for international commissioner.