SGA talks concerns, elects two officers

The Student Government Association considered student concerns about career services, sustainability, and resources to present to the Board of Trustees.

Gabriela Kula, executive vice president, mentioned difficulties students have finding jobs after graduation.

“As a second-semester senior this semester, I feel like career services and alumnae relations are not as much tailored towards post-grad Emerson students helping them find what they need,” Kula said. “And I don’t even know if they have the resources to do that all the time.”

Sofia Alvarado Mendoza, international student commissioner, said the college should offer more post-graduation aid to students.

“We put so much emphasis on the Emerson Mafia and we advertise it a lot, but the reality of it is that the majority of how it works is Facebook, and it shouldn’t be like that,” Mendoza said. “The school should offer us a more direct platform that we can use for connections rather than having a Facebook page.”

Student representatives also brought up concerns about making the Emerson website more organized, allocating more resources for smaller majors, and making the college more environmentally friendly.

Emily Solomon, SGA executive president and undergraduate representative to the Board of Trustees, said she will meet with the Trustees to discuss these issues in early March.

SGA also elected two new commissioners. Tessa Pollock, junior marketing communications major, was elected as Fraternity and Sorority Life Commissioner. Madeline Ramaley, a sophomore political communications major studying at Kasteel Well, was elected as External Programs Commissioner.