Shooting and stabbing take place at area night clubs

, Beacon Staff


divA shooting outside Venu Night Club on Warrenton Street and a stabbing outside Estate Night Club on Boylston Place, both locations with in .2 miles of the Little Building, occurred early yesterday morning, according to Boston Police./div

divWhile Venu’s crowd was leaving at 2 a.m. officers patrolling the area heard gun shots and found four males, ages 23, 25, 31 and 33, had been injured. The victims were transported to local hospitals and are being treated. The injuries were minor, according to a report on the BPD news site./div


Emerson College Police Chief George Noonan said the victims were not associated with Emerson.

According to Noonan, the crowd at Venu Night Club was more dangerous than usual, due to a rap performance featured that evening.

“You can predict when you will have more trouble with certain venues,” said Noonan. “Some rappers make their reputation to be gang bangers, and then you bring that kind of crowd.”

After receiving a call from a BPD officer, Noonan said he asked ECPD to leave one officer outside each dorm building as an extra precaution.

Shortly after, BPD arrested Mikayla Alford, 21, of Brockton for unlawful possession of a firearm in the area of the shooting. Officers do not believe this case was connected, according to the BPD report. Alford was arraigned this morning at Boston Municipal Court and is being held on $25,000 bail.

At 3:30 a.m. BPD and ECPD officers responded to the Estate Night Club, with reports of a stabbing happening on the club’s property. The victim was found on Charles Street South later in the evening. No one involved had any Emerson affiliation, according to Noonan.

A mass email was sent to students from Noonan after the incident, updating them on the situation and asking all students to remain in the dorm buildings or avoid traveling back to campus.