Speaking up: Students get opinionated

“I think I’ll be voting for Scott. He has a lot of experience, and the main thing is that he worked on lowering tuition. I feel like he does a good job connecting with students.”

i- Tricia Towey, sophomore film major/i

“Nick Vargas definitey has incredible leadership skills … he’s got incredible connections on campus, so I think he’s more aware of what the student body wants.”

i- Monica Casanova, senior communication studies major/i

“I haven’t thought much about it. I guess Nick Vargas, I heard he has an interest in off-campus students.”

i- Aviv Russ, junior producing for film and television major/i

“I don’t really know, but it’s nice to know there are other contenders out there. I mean, I’ve only ever heard of Scott Fisher getting things done. It seems like what Scott Fisher says goes.”

i- Arvid Brown, sophomore broadcast journalism major/i

“Scott made huge strides in lowering Emerson’s tuition, and that’s a really big deal.”

i- Lauren Landry, sophomore writing, literature and publishing major/i

“I’ve been bombarded by Nick Vargas propaganda, but I’m out of the election loop. I care, but I have a lot on my plate right now.”

i- Nicholas Kraft, freshman sound design major/i

“They’re both good candidates with good platforms. I think what will be important in the end is where their interests are.”

i- Alex Pearson, junior communication studies major/i

“Scott Fisher. I’ve seen what he’s done and I think he’s a strong candidate for the school.”

i- Kassia Wassung, freshman, undeclared/i