Staff Union launches fundraiser in support of Black communities in Boston


Photo: The Berkeley Beacon Archives

The Emerson Staff Union is hoping to have some of their sacrificed benefits reinstated, especially for some of the at-risk staff members.

By Charlie McKenna, Content Managing Editor

The Emerson College Staff Union launched a fundraising campaign Friday for two local charities led by Black Americans. 

The union is focusing on Violence in Boston, an organization that supports victims of violence in disenfranchised communities throughout Boston, and Families for Justice and Healing, which looks to end the incarceration of women and girls in the state of Massachusetts. 

The Emerson College Staff Union believes that Black Lives Matter, that racism in America is systemic to our institutions, and that police violence against Black and Brown communities must stop,” a statement from the union read. “We are putting our money where our mouth is, and we hope all Emerson College staff, faculty, and students will join us as we raise funds for these issues that are critical to our friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens around Boston.”

The fundraiser will run until July 4th and donations will be gathered via two GoFundme pages created by the union. 

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