Student government election results announced

Newly elected members appeared at Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting and were announced at roll call.

Four new department senators were elected. Junior Michael Moccio, the new writing, literature, and publishing senator, was written-in. The three other senators were balloted, and include junior Carly Cazer, the individually designed interdisciplinary program senator; sophomore Kayne Manuzca, the communication studies senator; and freshman Christian Lopez, the marketing senator.

“I am following an incredible legacy of senators and I hope I can do them justice,” Cazer wrote in an email. “I’m counting on the IDIP community, both students and staff, to help me keep an open dialogue and create positive changes for the program to make the program more visible, viable, and diverse and to ease the application process for all involved.”

Victoria Loubert was balloted as the Class of 2016 Senator, and Elise Risio was written in as the Class of 2017 Treasurer.