Student Government grants CPLA and EAGLE full appeals

The Communications Politics and Law Association and Emerson’s Alliance for Gays, Lesbians, and Everyone were both granted their full appeals by the Student Government Association at Tuesday’s joint session.

CPLA asked for $4,593 for its annual trip to New York City, to connect students with professionals in the political and communication field. The outing includes 11 members and one advisor. 

CPLA was given its original appeal of $4,593 for its annual trip to New York City after a discussion and vote to amend the amount to not include the cost of bus and taxi/subway. 

The group cut its asking cost prior to the SGA appeal by having co-sponsors. The class of 2015 and the department of communication studies donated a total of $400 to CPLA.

“There is not a lot of opportunity for political communications and communication studies [majors] to network with people in the field,” said President of CPLA Kaitie Prisco-Buxbaum. 

Prisco-Buxbaum told the SGA that the 11 members going on the trip have already purchased their bus tickets, because the trip is this weekend. Without the money from the appeal, CPLA would not be able to go because there isn’t enough money in its account, said Prisco-Buxbaum.

Jenna McPadden, the class of 2013 president, said coming to SGA a few days before the trip isn’t using the SGA as a last resort and puts pressure on the SGA to give them money. 

“I feel like a bad person for saying this but I was under the impression that we allocated enough money [to the group last semester],” McPadden said. “This gave them the opportunity to fundraise more. There wasn’t enough fundraising for this. Personally, I do not think I can say yes to this appeal.”

Nicholas de la Canal, the class of 2015 president, asked if CPLA did all it could to fundraise for the trip.

“Since the SGA appeals process is supposed to be last resort, I want to make sure you aren’t using it as a first resort,” said de la Canal. 

Prisco-Buxbaum said the appeal was not a last resort. 

Marketing senator Paul Almeida, a member of the organization who is going on the trip, moved to amend CPLA’s appeal to $3,748. 

Immediately after Almeida spoke out against this amendment. 

“Sacrifices don’t have to be made. They sent in their appeal, alright?” Almeida said. “If we’re going to pass this appeal, let’s pass the amount they’re asking for.”

Both Almeida and de la Canal spoke for allocating the full appeal to CPLA while McPadden spoke against it. 

“If we grant them a reduced amount, there is still a bit more for another organization. I think we should make this happen for CPLA while being fiscally responsible,” said McPadden. “It puts a burden on CPLA, but it also does on another organization with a well-written appeal.” 

The amendment did not pass. There were a total of seven nos, six yeses, and four abstentions. Two from absent members and the others from students CPLA, Erin Goodyear and Almeida. It was then brought back to the original amount where it passed, the only no was from McPadden. 

Immediately after, EAGLE appealed for $877.90 for its annual Queer Spring program, a monthlong program that has many social and educational events for students, according to the organization’s appeals packet.

According to Regina Lutsky, president of EAGLE, all of the events will be open for everyone.

“The sex toy workshop will be fun for the whole community,” said Lutsky. “The open mic night is a celebration for our members. This is their chance to come out, and tell their stories. The Gay-la is just so much fun, and celebrates us as an organization.”

The motion to grant EAGLE the full appeal was passed unanimously.

The remaining SGA appeals budget is now $1,986.69.