Student of the Week: David Levine

If asked to describe my roommate David “Daddy D” Levine in three words, I would go with tall, Jewish, and film-major. But that hardly begins to describe him. David is like a Russian doll with all of his different talents and passions stored up inside of him. 

At the very least, he’s a triple threat: a student, a filmmaker, and a man.  As a film production major and a marketing minor, he excels in his classes to the point of classmates often mistaking him for a teacher’s assistant.  He puts that same intensity and brilliance into everything he does. He has worked on countless film shoots, he currently writes for The Common Agenda, and he’s an incredible ping-pong player. (Fun Fact: Levine is undefeated in ping-pong at the Boston University Hillel House.) Also, he co-created a condiment hybrid made up of honey mustard and barbeque sauce. It’s called Sauce-some or Awesome Sauce, and it’s incredible.

Best of all, Levine doesn’t let his success get to him. He is one of the kindest, most down-to-earth people I have ever known.  I challenge you to picture the biggest thing you can possibly think of. Guess what? Levine’s heart is bigger than that.

I wish I could tell you all about Levine’s success as a student and a person, but I’m writing a mini-profile, not a Russian novel.  Instead I will end with this: If there were more people like David Levine, the world could start again.

-Brendan O’Brien