Student of the Week: Mookie Loughran

“Be Kookie Vote Mookie” can be heard all over campus as the re-election slogan for the Class of 2014 Vice President. Mookie is more than just a campaign for re-election though; she is an amazing addition to the campus and the Emerson community. Whenever I see her she is either running to class, to her part-time off campus job at AMC Theatre, or even to an event that she helped plan.

Mookie has her hands in dozens of events on campus, many of which have been amazingly successful such as the Yule Ball that was held at the end of last semester. Everything she does, she gives a hundred percent, and then some. She always has a smile to offer and a hilarious joke to tell on the way to her next big event or meeting. Her dedication to her role as Vice President is exemplary, as she has attended meetings consistently all year and has even dabbled in video editing for her most recent event, “A Night In Paris.”

While I don’t see where she finds the time to participate in so many events, she manages to do so week after week. Next time you see her around, be sure to stop and say hello because you have an opportunity to meet one of the nicest, and greatest people on campus.

-Rachel Goodman