Student of the Week: Sean Glenn

Sean Glenn is a freshman theater major originally from Simsbury, Conn. and one of my suitemates. She recently had a part in the Vagina Monologues, a performance of a number of monologues pertaining to the lives and experiences of women. It was a huge success as the culmination of the Take Back the Night program hosted by Emerson sorority Kappa Gamma Chi.

Now, Glenn is working on a director’s project called The Great Gromboolian Plain in which she plays Dinah. Apart from performing in productions, Glenn is an ArtsEmerson member and makes it a priority to see a wide variety of productions.

Before coming to Emerson, Glenn studied simultaneously at Simsbury High School and Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, as a way of balancing her dreams of becoming an actress and maintaing her grades.

Besides theater, Glenn is an active member of the Living Green floor and contributes to projects to raise awareness for environmentally friendly living. In her everyday life, she steadfastly upholds living green practices and does her best to positively impact the environment. Living with Glenn has been great. We call her the “suite mom” because besides having a heavy course-load and lots of rehearsal, she is also very driven and organized, always there for her suitemates, and manages to keep our suite spotless.

-Elana Willinsky