Student snapshot: Abby Skorupski


“I realized that the VMAs were in New York this year and I wanted to put myself on it, basically. I can get myself there, I was telling everybody.
I went up to the production manager and I told him I wanted to work on the show and his words were, ‘Yo f’ that show, but send me your resume, I can get you on that show no problem.’ I was like, ‘wow, sick,’ and I sent him my resume and he forwarded it on to someone else. That’s how I got the job—it’s all about who you know.
The day of the show was awesome because they put me in the broadcast truck, assisting, which then landed me on the red carpet, which allowed me to meet Chance the Rapper and Dominic, my favorite dancer on So You Think You Can Dance. It was really cool. I got to be on the truck for the show and then I snuck into Madison Square Garden and got to watch the show live—so it was all pretty cool.”
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