Students celebrate Patriots victory


Emerson students celebrated the New England Patriots’ 2015 Super Bowl win on Sunday night when they joined fans on Boston Common and again on Wednesday as a parade passed the college. 

Paola Arruda, a freshman journalism major, said she and other students ran onto the Common after the win. Arruda said people were climbing on top of the Parkman Bandstand, chanting, throwing snowballs, and hugging one another. 

“It started out maybe 50 to 100 people, and then I blinked and suddenly there were 100 more,” said Arruda.

Tyler Saloman, a senior journalism major, said he was on his way back to campus that night and people were celebrating along Boylston Street. 

“I was standing on one of the corners and people were passing by in cars, they were rolling down windows and giving high fives,” said Saloman. “It was a full-on party.”