Students speak up: What are your thoughts on the House and Desir tenure issue?

“I think they should be allowed tenure as long as their work is worthy of that. Students should voice their opinions for which professors are worthy of tenure.”

i- JEFF LUSTIG, sophomore marketing communication major/i

“If they meet the guidelines, if there’s evidence that they’ve been consistently rejected when they meet the criteria, then that should be seriously looked into. I’d encourage students to write angry e-mails.”

i- SCOTT KOERWER, junior writing, literature and publishing major/i

“There are so many different qualifications for why someone gets tenure. You can’t say for sure if someone’s being racist. You would think that people would be discussing this if that was what was going on.”

i- DANIEL LANCE, senior film major/i

“I’d be interested in comparing gender, how many females versus how many males have tenure. But I don’t really see Emerson as a racist school. People have a very liberal way of seeing things. All cultures are welcome here.”

i- JENNIFER LEIGH, junior broadcast journalism major/i