Students upset over leaks

A pump in the Paramount Center Residence Hall’s rooftop mechanical room failed last Monday, causing water damage to three dorm rooms, according to Jay Phillips, the associate president of facilities management. Students in the affected rooms complained of leaking ceiling tiles, mold, and damp walls. 

Residents in one room said they reported a leak when residual water started dripping through the ceiling and onto the floor. Students in another room next door said they reported water damage on one of their walls. Students in a third dorm room, who have not yet reported anything to facilities management, said they saw mold growing in one of the top corners of the wall.

Chris Vo, a marketing communication major, said he started noticing problems last week. 

“There was water dripping down from the ceiling. We had to open it up, and we noticed there was water leaking,” Vo said. 

Facilities management responded to the original call immediately, according to Phillips. 

However, Vo said it took facilities management four days after the incident to come and repair the remaining damage to his room. 

Phillips says that the time frame was too long. 

“I understand that the information could have been transferred from one employee to another more quickly,” he said. “It was frustrating for all of us to see the ceiling flood.”

Jesse Sterge and his roommate Nick Hanley said they have mold in the top corner of their ceiling, forming a big black spot they said has been there since they moved in. The two students said they were unaware of the other leaks on their floor until a couple days ago.

The Paramount Center is the newest residence hall at Emerson. Construction to the building that holds classrooms, dorm rooms, and the Paramount Theater was completed in 2010, according to the Emerson College website. 

Sterge, a freshman journalism major, said he didn’t think that a new residence hall should be experiencing water problems so early. 

“This building is only a couple years old; it should be in tip-top shape,” Sterge said.