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Super party ideas to Bowl over your guests

While Emerson College is not as arithmetic-oriented as schools like MIT, its students are savvy enough to know that Emersonians and math do not add up. Let’s face it-in a college based on creativity, student involvement in sports, while on the rise, is not as prevalent as interest in Project Runway.

But just because most Emerson students don’t paint their bodies purple and gold in a rally for victory, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the Super Bowl-or at least the social activities associated with it using some of these suggestions from about.com.

On Feb. 3, millions of people all over the world will tune into Super Bowl XLII, simultaneously taking part in the cultural phenomenon that is Super Bowl Sunday. The New England Patriots will take on the New York Giants, giving everyone an excuse to pre-game and pig out.

Decorations of Giant Proportions

While most Boston dwellers root for the home team, there are still those brave souls on campus who fly flags for the other blue and white. Senior marketing communication major and die-hard Giants fan Kenneth Gold described some of his tactics in battling the opposition.

“Most of the people I live with are Patriots fans,” he said. “Basically my strategy is to be as loud as possible in the room I’m watching the game. That way, those people will not be around me by the third quarter so I can watch it by myself.”

No matter which team fans choose to support, anyone hosting a party needs decorations. A trip to any local party store and a bit of innovation can go a long way. If you are tackling some ideas for your party, try out this simple table decoration that will transform any flat surface into a football field of fun and food.

You’ll need these supplies:

1 Large green tablecloth

2 Goal posts or goal post center pieces (party store)

2 10-yard rolls of 1?2″ medical adhesive tape

1 Package of Super Bowl logo invitations (party store)

Football-themed snack bowls (team logos or football shaped)

Printed logos of your favorite team from Google Images

1 package of soft mini-footballs (optional)

Scissors to cut tape


1) Lay the tablecloth out on your snack table.

2) Make your “football field” by using the tape to create a rectangular area with 10 equal sections for the “field” and another section on each end for each team’s end zone. You can scale the “field” to whatever size your serving table is.

3) Cut the tape to form numbers for the yard lines and mark the field.

4) Place your goal posts at either end of the field as shown in the picture.

5) Cut out the team logos that you have printed and, using tape on the underside, attach three or four of each team’s logo to its respective end zone.

6) Take two of the logo-imprinted Super Bowl invitations, tape them shut and affix them in the middle of the field on each side using tape on the underside of the invitation. You can use the rest of the invitations in the package to invite your friends to the party.

7) Place your serving bowls filled with munchies in the positioning of your choice.

8) Spread the mini-footballs on the field and enjoy.

Tasty Touchdowns

Not everyone thrives off of the game alone, and a Super Bowl shindig without food can be considered an illegal maneuvre. Freshman Karl Leone plans on enjoying the game for its culinary purposes.

“I’m just doing it for the food,” the broadcast journalism and BA acting double major said. “I don’t really watch the game.”

If your guests share similar party-going motives, try baking a football-shaped cake fit for any fanatic whether their allegiances lie with the game or the grub.

You will need:

1 13″ x 9″ frosted sheet cake

7 oz. green tinted shredded, sweetened coconut. Color them by shaking in a plastic bag with 1 teaspoon green food gel

1 pretzel rod divided in half

4 short pretzel sticks, Two of which have been divided in half

1 cup white chocolate chips

1 can white decorator frosting

Assorted football cake decorations, such as plastic footballs, players or team flags


1) Place 12″ square piece of wax or parchment paper on cookie sheet.

2) Place chocolate chips into microwave safe bowl. Melt at 50 percent power for one minute. Stir. Continue heating at 50 percent power for 30 seconds at a time until smooth consistency is reached.

3) Dip pretzels into melted chocolate, tapping off excess. Place on prepared paper and form into goal post shapes.

4) Once goal posts have been made, transfer cookie sheet into refrigerator to chill.

5) Evenly spread coconut over top of cake, reserving 1/2 cup for touch-ups as needed.

6) Draw lines with decorator frosting on the cake “field” to create yardage markings and end zone.

7) Insert pretzel field goals into end zones.

8) Finish with cake toppings.

Typically, the annual gala requires chips and dip, wings, pizza, chili, salsa and all things greasy, but if New Year’s and the resolutions that accompany it remain on the mind, here are some alternatives for having a healthy get-together.

Try to substitute chips and dip for pita wedges and hummus made from mashed chickpeas with lemon juice, tahini and olive oil. Make it spicy by adding a little red pepper or cayenne. The pair is a great alternative to salsa and those sodium-filled Tostitos, without compromising a spicy treat. Vegetable platters are also a crowd pleaser. But instead of high-fat ranch dressing for dipping, try low-fat or fat-free sour cream or yogurt. But even the health-conscious can still enjoy junk food, just as long as the portion sizes do not mirror the size of the big screen that the game is shown on.

“You can eat any of that stuff as long as you do it in moderation,” said Jamie Clouthier a senior broadcast journalism major. “As long as people don’t gorge themselves, they should be all set.”

Whole-Hearted Halftime Fun

We haven’t forgotten Janet and Justin, and if Tom Petty the Heartbreakers dosen’t tickle your fancy, here’s what to do when the halftime show leaves the room half empty.

Football Charades

Put a number of football related names and words into a hat and separate into two teams-one for the Patriots, one for the Giants. Take turns acting out the mystery words. Here is a list of examples:

– cheerleader

– helmet

– football

– touchdown

– referee

– coach

– team

– field goal

– buffalo wings

The “Don’t Say “Football” game:

At the beginning of halftime, give your guests small paper footballs to stick onto their chests with double-sided tape. Tell everyone they’re not allowed to say the word “football” in conversation during halftime.

If a guest hears someone use the word, they can take the football from the offending party. The person who collects the most footballs is the winner.

Super Ideas for the Common Room

Living on campus for the game can seem like a letdown for those in search of an exciting evening, but there is still hope./pp/p

pPete Hall, a senior Resident Assistant in the Little Building said that both buildings are offering alternatives to rowdy off-campus Super Bowl partying in two common rooms from each building. The parties, sponsored by the Office of Housing and Residence Life, will provide food and other festivities to keep students in the building for the Bowl.

Junior Alexis Shuette, a Resident Assistant in Piano Row, described the provisory party plans.

“There is guaranteed to be lots of food, and there will possibly be door prizes,” the theatre major said. “We are looking to get the multipurpose room and set up a screen in there, but the plans are tentative.”

For students living in the residence halls, organized gatherings like these offered by the OHRL allow for anyone to enjoy the night.

Freshman Clare LaVergne plans on attending one of the scheduled events, but said her purpose for watching the game is not sports related.

“I like the commercials, that’s why I watch the game,” the writing, literature and publishing major said. “I walk away during the game and come back for the commercials. But I mean, it’s an American tradition.”

Clouthier lives off campus but offers advice to students who will be celebrating the big game in the dorms.

“You can recreate the same kind of atmosphere in the dorms,” he said. “We had to do that for two years before we moved off campus. Even if you don’t have a suite where there’s a common room, there’s common rooms on every floor that will have the TV tuned into the game.”

So whether you’re a football fanatic or simply looking for a reason to get together with friends for a Sunday evening, the Super Bowl can be the perfect way to celebrate.

“Get people in common rooms, get people in your suites,” Leone said. “People can cook and everyone can bring something. Make the best of it and get into it for a couple of hours. It’s an event, have fun with it.”

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