Ta-ta, JuicyCampus! Hello, CollegeACB!

A huge blow was struck against gossip fiends on college campuses across the country. Last week, the popular Web site JuicyCampus.com, which students used to anonymously post their thoughts varying from hot professors to cutest couple, shut down. However, since Feb. 5, those who entered its former URL, www.juicycampus.com, were redirected to a reincarnation of the site, which is now known as the College Anonymous Confession Board, or CollegeACB.com.

According to the site’s press release, the goal of the newly reincarnated message board was, “give students a place to vent, rant, and talk to college peers in an environment free from social constraints and about subjects that might otherwise be taboo.”

One of the notable differences between JuicyCampus and its successor is that frequent users must login to CollegeACB, which is a way for moderators to watch for abuse of the message boards. Those who wish to privately contact other users may send them a message, without revealing their own identities.

CollegeACB also has Terms of Use, which include the prohibition of derogatory or threatening posts.

Some of the students interviewed seem to think this loss of anonymity is a bad idea.

“It’s really scary,” said junior Shannon Lehotsky. “I know a lot of people were personally offended. It’s not fun to read negative things about yourself online.”