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I am aware that my work has lots of room for improvement, but I am proud of myself for starting after being discouraged in my youth.

Creating art is not limited to just artists

By Jialin Xu
February 23, 2021

When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a painter. But I became discouraged after my mom told me I didn’t have the talent to be a painter, and that the term ‘artist’ could never apply to me. Ever...

Screenshot from the ICA Panel on racism, contemporary art, and public health.

Racism and public health: ICA Boston discusses the role of the artist in 2020

By Joshua Sokol, Staff Writer
November 2, 2020

In June, Mayor Marty Walsh declared racism a public health crisis as millions of Black Lives Matter protesters demanded justice for police brutality victims like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. The Institute...

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Abolishing admission fees could hurt student organizations

By Editorial Board
September 18, 2019

Editor's Note: Editor-in-chief Chris Van Buskirk did not contribute to or edit this editorial due to a conflict of interest.  At the Student Government Association’s Financial Advisory Board meeting...

Alejandro Ramírez, left, and Manuela Meneses, right, show their findings from South Fronteras, a Mobility Movilidad project in East Boston. Photo by Maya Gacina

Colombian artists map their way through East Boston

By Maya Gacina
April 10, 2018

In the fifth Proyecto Boston Medellín exhibition, South Fronteras, artists unearthed maps, photographs, and stories of East Boston residents with similar traits—both are Colombian and living in areas...

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