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I’ve learned that my decision to stay somewhat local—in, might I add, one of the best college cities in the U.S.—does not make me immature or overly dependent. / Illustration by Ally Rzesa

Home sweet home: Why going to college nearby can be beneficial

By Jess Ferguson
November 18, 2019

Throughout the college application process, I felt pressured to attend school somewhere far away from my home in southeastern Massachusetts. Everyone said college was supposed to be about new experiences...

I wanted to show them that I was not American, but that I was not Thai either. I was a third culture kid. / Illustration by Ally Rzesa

The challenge of living life between cultures

By Katiana Hoefle
October 23, 2019

I realized how different I was from everyone else when I first came to college.  When teachers would ask students to go around the room saying where they were from, I would always brace myself for...

I’m lucky that my family is able to make the trip to visit me, but for many students, this isn’t an option. / Photo illustration by Cullen Granzen

Op-ed: Realizing the bittersweet nature of Family Weekend

By Katie Redefer, Staff Writer
October 21, 2018

I felt isolated and overwhelmed during my first night in Piano Row residence hall. Once my parents left, the distance between my dorm room and my Delaware home sank in. Throughout high school, I grew jaded...

Projections transform Little Building into a work of art

By Chris Van Buskirk, Contributing Reporter
December 2, 2017

    Eerie music, a growing crowd, a mysterious countdown projected onto the Little Building—it was almost a dystopian scene on Boston Common Friday night. When the countdown ended,...

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