Emerson College’s only independent, student-run newspaper since 1947

The Berkeley Beacon

Emerson College’s only independent, student-run newspaper since 1947

The Berkeley Beacon

Emerson College’s only independent, student-run newspaper since 1947

The Berkeley Beacon

The Beacon documented campus life in a year that brought a pandemic, presidential election, and nationwide civil rights movement.

2020 in review: The biggest Beacon stories from a year marked by tumult

By Diti Kohli, Print Designer
Published December 31, 2020

Call 2020 unprecedented. Isolating. Terrifying. But it’s one year no one will soon forget.  Emerson operated as normal for a few short months, abruptly...

A view of the Washington Monument from Saturdays celebration.

Gallery: Washington D.C. celebrates Biden’s presidential victory

By Jacob Seitz and Parker Purifoy
Published November 8, 2020

WASHINGTON D.C.—The streets of Washington D.C. erupted into raucous applause on Saturday, as the nation’s capital celebrated the news that it would...

I want to believe that the U.S. is better than that. Better than choosing someone who has continuously shown a lack of empathy and basic human decency. However, I thought that last time. I thought we the people were a united front, not a group that would let ourselves be divided by bigotry and hatred. 

Opinion: How will we cope with another Trump win?

By Sabine Waldeck, Deputy Opinion Editor
Published November 3, 2020

My stomach has been in knots all day. I have already gotten into multiple arguments with my family members and peers regarding the presidential election....

For Hispanic men who support Trump in the states, there are shared traits. They are proficient English speakers, they share similar economic ideals that include record unemployment and entrepreneurship, and they consume the same kind of media.

Peering into the U.S. election from the Dominican Republic

By Shannon Garrido, Editor-in-chief
Published November 3, 2020

Tension is in the air on Election Day. Even across the world, people are anxious to know what lies ahead for the United States and how it will affect them...

The question raised in the title of this piece is one that is almost unanswerable, and that is due in part to the fact that everything is on the line

Opinion: Will there be mass violence on Election Day?

By Claire Rodenbush, Assistant Opinion Editor
Published November 3, 2020

While I am cautiously optimistic about the outcome of this year’s election, I am not optimistic about the potential fallout. No matter what the results...

Emerson Polling Director Spencer Kimball

Latest Emerson polls show Biden leading in key battleground states

By Dana Gerber and Elena Naze
Published November 2, 2020

With in-person voting set to open tomorrow, Emerson Polling’s final state and national polls of the general election show Democratic candidate Joe Biden...

Four Emerson students made their way through the cold and rain to vote in the 2018 midterm elections. Stefania Lugli / Beacon Staff

Make Election Day an academic holiday once and for all

By Editorial Board
Published October 27, 2020

A week from Election Day, the country stands more fractured and divided. With experts anticipating a voter-turnout tsunami and young people already reporting...

Searching for a resemblance between 2016 polls and the current moment isn’t an effective way to determine who is ahead in this race. After the public outrage from the first presidential debate, we need to compare how they are different and why that matters.

2020 is not 2016. Here’s why that matters

By Shannon Garrido, Editor-in-chief
Published October 13, 2020

Donald Trump supporters and Democrats have one similar perception of this year’s election: that it will follow in the steps of 2016.  Though it appears...

One of the most concerning aspects regarding deepfakes in the 2020 election is how accessible the software is, especially to the wrong people. / Illustration by Ally Rzesa

Op-ed: Deepfakes—a newer, more dangerous era of fake news

By Katie Schmidt
Published March 19, 2019

With just over a year and a half until the 2020 presidential election, a new form of fake news is growing more prominent and dangerous than what we experienced...

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