Testing center closes early due to heating issues


Domenic Conte

A sign on the window of Emerson’s coronavirus testing site at Tufts Medical Center.

By Vivi Smilgius

Emerson’s COVID-19 testing site closed early today due to “heating issues” at Tufts Medical Center, according to a community-wide email sent by the college’s “COVID Lead” and Associate Vice President for Campus Life Erik Muurisepp.

The 2 p.m. closure comes as the Boston area faces an “arctic blast” that has brought single-digit temperatures dipping below zero with windchill. These frigid conditions may be to blame for the “heating issues” at 116 Harrison Ave. 

Muurisepp’s email did not state whether the issues also affected other areas of the complex, which houses various medical and administrative facilities. 

According to the email, the testing center does not yet have a set reopening time and students will be updated as the situation progresses.