The Beacon endorses Ben Halls for Class of 2015 President

At Issue: Class of 2015 presidential election

Our Take: Vote for Ben Halls


Most freshman are experiencing life on their own for the first time, still reeling from the experience of leaving home. They are in the midst of finding themselves and realizing what their college lives are going to consist of. You’re learning how to drink, how to manage your time, and how to work in an elevated social environment. Ben Halls provides something different. He’s older, he’s experienced, and he’s mature—all things one should seek in a leader. 

Some may think that being older and having such a different life experience, Halls may be out of touch with his constituents. But because he lives in the dorms and is often seen mingling with his freshman peers, it is clear that he is connected to his class. The way he is conducting himself eliminates any detachment some may claim comes because of his age. 

During a Nov. 30 debate it became clear that Halls offers the strongest qualifications for the position:

  1. Halls is older and has real life experience. Having worked as a copy-writer for a few years, Halls distinguishes himself from his competitors. He has a clear focus and is no longer in the same career-limbo in which many freshmen find themselves.
  2. Halls is contemplative. Whereas his competitors answered the question regarding amending the constitution to eliminate guaranteed funding for the school newspaper immediately and with surety, Halls acknowledged the complicated nature of the issue at hand and his inability to relay a fully realized opinion about the clause within the minute-and-a-half time limit.
  3. Halls seems well-intentioned and sure of his priorities. When asked about the number one issue he would tackle as president Halls emphasized safety issues on Boylston Street late at night, while his opponents stumped for increased school spirit and unspecific reforms to the dining hall.


It is for these reasons that we endorse Halls for class of 2015 president.