The courage of Elizabeth Edwards

candidate John Edwards, has shown us all what it means.Mrs. Edwards displayed remarkable strength in 2004 during her husband’s presidential campaign.,In the post-9/11 world, courage is seen as a valuable commodity for our nation’s leaders. It’s often invoked but rarely displayed.

However, Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic presidential

candidate John Edwards, has shown us all what it means.

Mrs. Edwards displayed remarkable strength in 2004 during her husband’s presidential campaign. She discovered a lump on her breast during the campaign and was officially diagnosed with breast cancer the day after John Kerry and Edwards’ husband conceded to George W. Bush.

Edwards had the tumors removed and underwent chemotherapy

to kill any remaining cancer cells. On March 22, it was announced that her cancer has returned and spread to one of her right ribs and possibly parts of her lung.

It is reported that Edwards’ type of bone cancer is treatable, but unfortunately incurable.Despite her health problems, Edwards continues to support her husband in all of his endeavors.

The Edwards family decided John Edwards will carry on in the 2008 political race for the White House.

“The campaign goes on, the campaign goes on strongly,” Edwards said. “We have no intention of cowering

in the corner.”

It has been said that behind every good man is a good woman. In the case of John Edwards, he couldn’t have asked for a better woman to be standing behind him, supporting his political aspirations.

She selflessly puts him before herself even while she’s sick, a most admirable characteristic.

For Elizabeth, she has a loving husband and two young children that she can depend on for strength and support.

Elizabeth Edwards serves as an outstanding example for all people, women in particular, who are battling cancer. Her fight shows that disease touches all lives, whether they are an ordinary

person or potentially the next first lady.

Her courage gives hope and courage to others touched by the terrible disease. It helps them believe that, like her, they can carry on with their lives and overcome

any obstacles in their paths.

She shows every one of us that cancer is not a death sentence, and that courage, faith and family are priceless.

Edwards’ struggle may also motivate those people who have either been avoiding the trip to the doctor’s office. Regular appointments for mammograms for women over 40 are a must, regardless of family history. According to, in 2001, an estimated 6,800 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in Massachusetts, and close to 200,000 new cases were diagnosed nationwide. It remains one of the leading killers of women in the United States.

Elizabeth Edwards and her family can rest assured that they have great support across the nation. Her courage raises the bar for the everyday courage that everyone should hope to have.

Despite all of the struggles and sorrows in life, she remains optimistic and unwavering in her belief that life in fact is good.

She believes in and looks forward to the hope of a better, brighter tomorrow. That is the best medicine of all.,James O’Leary