The many species of Discussionus-Annoyius

ons a social ill like poverty or racism, he just needs to chime about how it’s affected him too.

bName-dropper:/b Winds each class comment so she can gratuitously mention the great internships or jobs she’s had.

bRambler:/b Babbles irrelevantly for minutes on end, losing everyone and utterly destroying the flow of conversation.

bContrarian:/b Disagrees, no matter what you say.

bGroup-thinker:/b Listens to point A, raises his hand, reiterates point A exactly.

bI read a book:/b Read a book on the subject at hand, which gives her a sense of ironclad expertise.

bPC police:/b Mostly rich, white kids. They know all about discrimination and growing up poor.

bMajoritarian:/b The white, straight male who for the first time in his life is a minority. Very threatened by feminist, queer and ethnic studies.

bInternational student/cosmopolitan wannabee:/b Hates America. Goes to school here.

bPet:/b Determined to exchange dignity for an A. Sits in the front row every day. Makes Starbucks run for professors during breaks.

bSelf-important pontificator:/b Makes painfully incorrect statements about basic facts covered in the reading, which she didn’t read.

bOstracized optimist:/b Feels bad for himself because people judge him for looking on the bright side.,Compiled by iBeacon/i staff